Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The lyrics to that song and the fact that you chose to re-write them means everything, our relationship may be over, but i will never lose and always treasure the times we shared, the feelings we had for one another, and the things that i have learnt. Reminiscing is nice, and i like it being gentle; the rougher more painful words you write hurt and i don't like to look at them. What we had is delicate and precious and i would hate for that to be ruined. Please leave me with "the image of me being a good, genuine, kind person" and not "a pissed off guy who is reckless and hates you for leaving me and putting me through all this bullshit without knowing why." Time is painful but it will also heal and once healed, you and i will walk together. Don't be angry, or feel tied down, just remember what we shared and know that our friendship will still remain.

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